Sunday, October 31, 2010

Freewriting Activities

Write your answers as fast as you can.

Freewrite #1 -- Write a blog about the movie that you watched that related to Halloween or the Apocalypse theme. Summarize the movie and give your response. Include pictures.

Remember write as fast as you can. You will have ten minutes for each of these.

Thinking about analysis of Blade Runner
Freewrite #2 -- Write a fictional description of what you think the future could be like if there was an apocalypse. Be creative and show individuality. Then describe how your vision of the future is similar or different to the world of Blade Runner.

Freewrite #3 -- Watch the clip of Deckard and Rachael. Describe in detail dialogue, lighting, or costuming. Then explain how you think they contribute to the themes of the movie.

Freewrite #4 -- Watch the clip of Deckard and Roy. Describe in detail how dialogue, sound, and music all work together to make the audience feel something. What do we feel? What does Roy's audience, Deckard, feel? Could Deckard be crying?

Freewrite #5 -- What is the future for Rick Deckard now that the replicants and Tyrell are dead? Be creative!

Thinking about Argument Proposals

Freewrite #6 -- Write about how your research for your argument is going so far. What is your research question? What information have you found so far? What are the two possible solutions that you have found for your question? Which solution seems best so far? Why?

Sign the Sign-up sheet for peer review.
The rest of the class, work on citing and annotating your bibliography entries.

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